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Failings in higher math

I was never good at math. I tried.
People explained it as another language; once you learn it, fluency will come.
Apparently I speak in tongues.
Granted, I can balance my checkbook. If I try I may even be able to calculate my change before I get it.
I was raised on a weekly budget. As children my brother, sister and I received biweekly payments. With said payments we were to budget out our every need. Food and board were of course provided by the administrator(read:parent). So I’m comfortable with this whole tracking-money thing. I flew through that math book intro.
Yeah, in say, 7th grade.
And that may just be the end of my mathematical phenomena. This is result of my mind being an artistic one.
Algorithms, surprisingly, are not an option here.

Posted on Oct 8, 2011

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