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What I want to be when I grow up / What the winds have told me / Fuck capitalism

I’m off to do volunteer activism.
My shit is crazy right now. 
I quit my job. 
Turn tail and run.
I’ve been prioritizing and I can’t justify pursuing a lifetime commitment to business. This is not where my passion lies.
I don’t give a fuck about retirement. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. 
I don’t care about my bank account and I could care less what they say about a productive life/career.

No one ever looked back from there deathbed and made wishes of corporate whoredom. 

I may still tattoo a day a week, to pay the bills. But this is no longer my priority. Building this house of cards, owning toys and playing games, culminating in a sparkling monument to greed and fear. This is not my future. 

This path has proven to be the right answer to the wrong question.

My day is now free. I will fill it with passion and production. Building foundations that will survive the winds destroying said house of cards. I will not die toiling under notions of prosperity and domination.

I am here to live and to make life. Breathe and build. Sweat. Bleed. 

Business has turned me into an ugly person that I do not enjoy being around. 

Fuck that.

Dig deep

Posted on Oct 20, 2011

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