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You were probably wondering…

You may have been driving home from work today, or sitting in the back of your ride share, or maybe you even telecommute; sitting there and thinking to yourself-


‘I wonder what it would be like to commute on my old 10 speed. And to one night, oh around let’s say midnight, after a nice ol’ 13 hr. day, have just crested the first hill of my journey home, with that unspoken nod of approval, that acknowledgement of another step up, the first chapter of this journey closed, the first theoretical back-patting after a long day, and about to descend apon a good stretch of lightless suicidal road, and then suddenly, have my chain snap. I wonder what that would be like?’


You just might have thought this in complete abandon and wonder this evening, maybe around 4 or 5 o’clock. On the way to a warm dinner with possibly a loved one to share the dusk glow. This exact thought may have flashed through your mind.


well, yeah, it fucking sucks

just in case you were wondering

Posted on Oct 22, 2011

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