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 I’ve met and worked with many great folks. Thanks to all yall along the way. It’s been a pleasure.

Sailor Dan of CT: My tattoo lineage

On Christmas day, 2006,  my grandmother died.  I flew home and wept with my family. We converged on the home that I had always known as Mem and Pep’s house- where my Mom grew up.

               We shared sad times.

We pulled up our braces and buttoned vests.

We drank whiskey outside the funeral home, hid our tears in our cuffs.

And we listened.  I heard Pep talk and talk about Mem, about growing up, about the garden and about his times.                                                            And he told me about his Pops.

He told me about trying to get the pennys and nickles from the bottom of the battery tank(for the tattoo power-supply), and Sailor Dan laughing when his young, greedy hands were shocked back from the current.  He told of not even remembering his first tattoo(his initials with the most traditional Sparrow you’ve seen), becuase there was a scare of child thieving in Griswold, CT.  And of begging for that beautifull Christ from the flash sheet, and after disregarding their warnings, being held down and GIVEN the tattoo.

My mother is an artist.  She’s pursuing her Master’s in Fine Art.  My Grandfather paints, speaks    and walks art.

He is

And so   here I am, too